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Interlake 0 It will be seen that two Institute provinces, representing the two southern-most areas of the western third of Manitoba, show the greatest concentration of rest room activity, while those areas east and north of Winnipeg, with manitobz denser population Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba French, Scandinavian, German, Slavic and other European WWoman, show almost no activity. Furthermore, killarnej areas of the province were still so killarney settled that it would have been impractical, not only to establish rest rooms, but to attempt any organized program for women. The administrative history of rest rooms tended to follow certain patterns, which will become Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba through a few case studies: By April the group was paying a Mrs.

Subsequent rooms were also in private dwellings. Bylibrary hours had been extended so that the room was open in the evenings from 8: Every meeting of the Institute included a long discussion on rest room plans and projects. A caretaker was engaged and in March of notices were up stating Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba lunch would be served if desired. Members of the Institute as by then the group was called eagerly debated how it was to manitobq furnished. Grants were gladly awarded by the Deloraine Town council and the Winchester Municipal council.

At the formal opening Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba signed the guest book. By the depression had Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba Deloraine and in October of the same year fears were being expressed by the women that the rest room would have to Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba closed except on Saturdays. However, once the crisis became known, help jan in the form of donations. Special electricity and telephone rates were requested of the utility bodies. Though Deloraine was in the heart of the Manitoba drought area during the s, the mortgage was paid off within seven years. The economic situation killarneg, on the other hand, Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba the rest room was obliged to manitoa its functions in quite another way: Indeed, rest rooms in several other towns were forced to adjust in this way to the changing times.

Some did not survive ,an depression years. Deloraine was one of the fortunate ones. When the Deloraine rest room was finally closed inthe old building was taken to the local airport, where it still does service to those mman wait. Because kiillarney that, its story is probably more representative of what happened in most Manitoba towns and villages. For a long time manitona rest room Fuck local sluts in sunnylaw located in whatever building would provide space. No matron was in charge but Institute members took turns in supervising the Woman seeking man in killarney manitoba and a part-time caretaker was hired.

In a Mr. Stone offered a room seeeking the Institute women would furnish it. This they agreed to mwn, and the matter seemed settled. Fully used to such setbacks, the Institute secretary laconically recorded this town turn in events: Homuth hire a dray and return what belonged to any person who loaned it and store the remainder. The rest room remained closed for some time. On occasion mamitoba price had to be reduced. No written record remains of the consequences of that tea! Fortunately these modest sums went much farther then sseeking now. Reports on progress of the new rest room were regularly printed in the Hamiota Echo.

In May came the announcement: The entire community killadney for the project. The room was let out for card parties, as well as for sewing and cooking classes. McConnell offered his Hall rent free for a dance to raise funds specially for the room, with the cost of electric light being included for the occasion. Many local groups contributed money, though even here success was not achieved without friction. One lapse in local protocol provoked this letter to the Hamiota Echo: This money was raised by having a collection taken at several social gatherings held during the winter.

A rest room was set up, to be governed by a Board of eight members, of whom six were local women and two were appointed by the Town. The municipality agreed to cover costs of maintenance while the town council provided for its furnishings. To the written agreement confirming this arrangement between the two official bodies was appended the following proviso: In addition to a full-time matron and the usual amenities, the rooms provided couches for babies to sleep on, lockers for storing parcels and newspapers for reading. Because the town was now paying what it considered to be more than its share of expenses, a certain amount of friction arose between the two bodies, so that the agreement was revised inthe town receiving rural tax concessions in return for its greater financial burden.

The Board submitted an Annual Report to the Town but was, in effect, independent of the councils. This arrangement remained in force for the next 29 years. Use of the Dauphin rest room increased steadily fromwhen 7, persons signed the registration book, until when 48, names were recorded. During the s and s the number of signatures remained impressive. Bythe annual count was down to 9, and, by December 31,when the room closed, to just 1, Although it must be considered a success in terms of rest room history, the Dauphin rest room never had a building of its own. However, it did achieve stability, the one condition so often sought in vain by rest room committees.

It is still in operation today. By the end of World War II public sentiment was that improved premises were long overdue. Before the building was opened, seven tenders were received for caretaking services. The lowest bid, which requested living premises but no financial remuneration, was accepted. Financial reports of the Board were published. In the room was open from 10 a. Ina Sunday closing was proposed so that the caretaker could have a day off, but this proposal was not passed until In the cash drawer was removed, because of thefts. No further vicissitudes have been recorded. It sums up the situation succinctly: The caretaker still lives above the public rest room, which remains in operation.

But its story is typical of those set up in the s. Committee members canvassed for free labor. Town women gave the workers their noon meal. Here is how it was described about The Rest room is an L-shaped building with sitting room and washroom in front and living quarters at rear consisting of a kitchen, living room combined and a bedroom. There is a small basement for pressure pump, coal furnace and coal storage. Interior of building is finished throughout with gyproc and has all been painted. Floor is entirely covered with asphalt tile. Washroom contains flush toilet and basin, small table and electric bottle warmer.

Septic tank and disposal field at back of building. A well at the front of building, owned jointly with store keeper next door. In exchange for living quarters, electricity and heat, we ask supervision and cleanliness of rest room. Over the years, it has installed a new heating system and an electric furnace, had the roof re-shingled, the walls insulated and re-stuccoed, and a new floor covering laid. It has installed a bath-room for the caretaker, who still receives her small premises free in return for her services. The Town of Benito pays for the heating and water.

The donation box continues to receive a few dollars every month. Opened in with no particular organization behind it, Virden rest room was set up to be governed by a Board of twelve persons, the charter members all being women. For many years it struggled along, being forced to close temporarily more than once, untilwhen it opened permanently. At the present time, the premises consist of a one-story building in the main shopping area of Virden. A full-time matron, who has her own quarters at the back, looks after the two rooms open to the public from 9: The project regularly receives donations from local government bodies such as the R. The existence of the room is, however, threatened. For one thing, interest on the bonds does not go as far for upkeep as it did formerly.

Consequently, the Board has been repeatedly obliged to go to the Town of Virden with requests for money to make urgent repairs. So far, the Town Council has always been able to come to its rescue. But persons involved on the Board and in the Town government are fearful that, in spite of its endowment privileges, the days of the Virden rest room are numbered and that its name will soon be added to the long list of Manitoba rest rooms that have passed into history. In only a few months, there was constructed a one-storey building with full living quarters behind including two bedrooms, bathroom and full basement for a resident caretaker.

Since Wawanesa is almost at the intersection of the rural municipalities of Oakland, South Cypress, Cornwallis and Riverside, all four made an initial donation to the project in ; two of them still make small annual grants to the room. Donna Norell In fact, little has changed in the fifteen years since the rest room was built. The Community Club still runs the building and the rest room is much used by women from the surrounding area as well as by those waiting to catch a bus at the depot next door. At the other side is the rest room proper, which is comfortably furnished but contains no donation box, all expenses being borne by the Club.

Caretaking is still done by the family living at the back. Interior of the Wawanesa rest room. This room has become a social centre for both town and country women, and every Saturday you will find this the busiest place in town. All the women go there for their afternoon tea, knowing that they will meet so many there they would not meet elsewhere. This room is lighted with gas and is used for fully half the small meetings in town, both by men and women.

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The Town of Benito pays for the heating and water.

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There is a small manitobz for pressure pump, coal furnace and coal storage. Before the building oWman opened, seven tenders were received for caretaking services. The lowest bid, which requested living premises but no financial remuneration, was accepted. The donation box continues to receive a few dollars every month. This room is lighted with gas and is used for fully half the small meetings in town, both by men and women. At the present time, the premises consist of a one-story building in the main shopping area of Virden.

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