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Despite being inhabited by "tribal orcs" the town had a notary public, Nasty woman in lorica it seemed to be Nasty woman in lorica last outpost of civilization on the journey northeastward before the Arnsata mountains. Salas - an oily, self-deprecating, fawning, sycophantic, Nasty woman in lorica little weasely bastard. He assured them that he was in contact with Magos. This was quite a trick since Magos asked the Alliance Grand Council for some men and supplies three years ago to go set off and find the black box and never came Nasty woman in lorica. Evidently, Salas is holding back info from the Council. He also said that there was a possibility of Magos returning the group to EOW which also doesn't add up, since if Magos could take people between worlds then there's no reason he should have lost his seat on the Council, Nasty woman in lorica without the box - unless he had some crooked scheme requiring the kind of exclusive control possible with the box.

Salas wanted the group to take The Captain on their next mission dictated by the Council and make a slight detour to somewhere where Magos would be waiting, give Nasty woman in lorica the sword, and then Magos would make them happy. Samson, Thomas Ben Human, male. Died on Uchebnik soon after the triangle maze. Blood-thirsty, split-personality male great axe fighter. Was accidentally ported through the Abraxian Shrine Portal and never heard from again. Sankwich Explorations - Explorers for hire not mercenaries working out of Jacketz.

Started by Aleph Roterisk with some old friends to investigate strange incidents on Shang Island. From a meeting during training for Shang II - We are scheduled to leave for a job on Shang Island at the end of this month. There Nasty woman in lorica been some grumblings about wanting to know who our "employer" is. A man named Chausable is who hired me. He has never told me who he works for, and I have never felt the need to ask. Known or suspected members: Left Jacketz aboard the Sososterus with Flubbus in order to go to the center island of Shang, open up a box to take readings ostensibly, atmospheric samples near the center of the island and get back to the ship within approx.

They were dropped off after dark on Nov. They navigated to the outer island, and made a cursory inspection as they carried the boat across and set out for the waterway on the main island. Along the way, their craft was "attacked" by some aquatic creature or creatures, perhaps sharks or some type of medium sized squids. After getting to the center island, they walked across to the center of the island and started Nasty woman in lorica readings. The experiment needed to be run for one hour during which time, a putrid smell started to rise, adding to the general anxiety.

Upon completing the experiment, they headed back to the cliff face and Aleph cast a detect. Looking back, he saw about a dozen glowing figures, so he began hurrying the team to get down the cliff. The creatures in the water did not want them to leave, however, and tried to take the watercraft, but some quick reactions saved the boat. The return trip to the pickup point was much slower due to the fact that they had lost an oar on the trip in Darn water monsters. They arrived back in Jacketz on Nov. Upon arriving at the drop off point they proceeded along the north side of Kursk, across to Shang, and down the coast to the waterway. The trip was uneventful until they came to the point where it opens up to surround the island.

Sebastian spotted what appeared to be a log. As they navigated around it, it began to follow and close in. As it came into position behind them, two long skeletal arms came out of the end and attacked. Hedonius received a wound which rendered his right arm nearly useless. A very small head appeared out of the top of the log. Suddenly Hed took a nasty blow to the throat. Mitsu attended to him, while a dispel arrow to the small head ended the foe's existance. They proceeded down the fingerlet towards the stairway leading to the alter. Upon landing there they setup camp on the island. After dark, the next evening, they sailed to the center island.

Upon arriving at the ruins, they were approached by an orcish female obviously animated her hands had no flesh and where her fingernails should be, there were metal "claws". She was offered a gift. After she took it, she placed one of the claws against Aleph's throat, ever so slowly applying more and more pressure. After drawing a small amount of blood from his throat and receiving no threatening response, she turned and left. At this point, the group took a little time to survey the ruins. She motioned for Mallory and Mitsu to join her. Mallory accepted - Mitsu did not. She proceeded to drag Mallory away. The next ten minutes were the most surreal - attempting to find out whether or not Mallory really wished to go with the orc or not.

At the end she left - waving as she walked out of view. The trip back to the pickup was completely uneventful. They took the same route to the island. The trip up the waterway was again uneventful until the waterway started widening. The aquatic lifeform made an attack on the dinghy. This time it hovered in the water inches below the surface. It attacked again and was dispatched with a paralyzation arrow. Upon arriving at the center island, they noticed latern signals on either side of the waterway. Mitsu and Sebatian stayed near the cliff to protect the boat, while Jordan, Robert, and Aleph quickly returned to the ruins.

This time they were met by two animated orcs and a weird looking Mallory. As they were returning to the cliff, they caught glimpse of a signal from Mitsu's lantern. They rushed back to the cliff. There were two rafts coming from the stairway area. Both contained 5 orcs, well-armed and seemingly ready to battle. They all climbed down except for Mallory who jumped. They took off for the pickup point pursued by the orcish vessels. They traded arrow shots with them and a well placed lightning bolt arrow to the bow of the orc boat ended the boat pursuit. The next obstacle was the archers on the cliff walls down the waterway.

There were two injuries, both to Jordan in nearly the same spot on his leg. The noisy exit alerted Captain Flubbus who was on the lookout. Notes by Aleph on future plans - It is completely possible that the ruins are the "gate" to a huge underground complex. In fact, I would expect it. As far as returning to take a long hard look at it It would be complete idiocity to expect to be able to just walk in and take it for ourselves. That would require large army of troops and wizards. Not to mention a small number of artifact quality items I feel that the diplomatic approach of sharing knowledge and resources is the best line of attack in this situation for all concerned.

Especially as far as peoples individual health is concerned However I do agree that we should be back as soon as possible. What this will entail however is many more short jaunts to see the lich. Our biggest problem now becomes handling the Delta Force rather than dealing with the lich. We no longer have the secrecy we once had. We would be fools to think that our next trip to the island will not be met with huge resistance. The Delta Force has a huge advantage on us though. They are able to stay on the island with the natives.

So, any trips they take are a matter of jumping across the waterway and back. Any trips we take require a high degree of stealth, or a huge degree of speed and offensive power to combat them with. I don't see them worrying about stepping on anyones toes when the spoils of victory are so large. The one advantage that we will have is the fact that we wish to share things with the lich es. Most others will want to just take anything in the complex, and will not care whether or not the lich likes it. That is until they get a few people crispy curled. One thing I have learned about people is that they are incredibly power hungry.

This "greed" will usually always be their undoing. Santa Claus - deity worshipped by Tico Puente. Sarbinnes, Jeannette Mistletoe Geoff - female elf? Killed in Skeleton Battle resurrected. Jailed in Delmarintha for being unemployed. Sarin Tree - if it's the tree who's bark the Order of the Ring was looking for to heal Kendra's soul - it's a rare tree growing on the Uchebnik peninsula near The Patville. The trees are very rare, and have been quite ill lately. See also chinquin sap. Satellite, the - an object that was being built on Amstrix Island.

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Seven Blaize Agueva y Arcas - a huge, brawny orcish fighter who lacks the slightest glimmer of intelligence in his eyes. Died on Uchebnik soon after the triangle maze. The creatures in the water did not want them to leave, however, and tried to take the watercraft, but some quick reactions saved the boat. Sarbinnes, Jeannette Mistletoe Geoff - female elf?

Upon arriving at the center island, they noticed latern signals on either side of the waterway. The Middle Gnomish period was not known to be very advanced magically, so it seems very unlikely that they would be able to produce a lich. Commander Isabella Cardinoff found it so interesting that she once or twice even forgot to snap at Jean-Paul Marat for calling her "sir".

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